The line of spectators was gone, and the sunshine was gone. When the French Open started on Sunday, the continuous light rain and cold wind swept the almost empty Roland-Garros Stadium, which was embarrassing.


The game came at 11 o'clock local time. Philippe Chatier Stadium used a retractable roof for the first time. It brought a surprise immediately after the game started. The Belgian 11th seed David Goffin was caught in front of dozens of spectators. Yannick Shinner was defeated.

比赛在当地时间11点开始。菲利普·查蒂埃球场(Philippe Chatier Stadium)首次使用可伸缩的屋顶。游戏开始后立即带来了惊喜。比利时第11种子大卫·高芬(David Goffin)被抓在数十名观众面前。 Yannick Shinner被击败。

The other two home stadiums-Susana Lengren and Simone Mathieu were suspended after 15 minutes. Former world No. 1 Victoria Azarenka was very angry about this situation. When the first round of the match against Danka Kovinic of Montenegro was interrupted, she said: "It's ridiculous, it's too cold."

15分钟后,其他两个主场体育场-Susana Lengren和Simone Mathieu被暂停。前世界第一维多利亚·阿扎伦卡对此情况感到非常愤怒。当与黑山的丹卡·科维尼奇的比赛的第一轮比赛中断时,她说:“这太荒谬了,太冷了。”

Azarenka walked onto the court wearing a pink down jacket under the gray sky, and dozens of spectators bravely persisted in the stands who were frozen with her.


After stopping for 45 minutes without going up, she put on tights and a windbreaker to restart the game.


The game was not as bad as the weather. Azar only allowed her opponent to win 3 rounds. After winning 6-1 6-2, she finally smiled. At this time, there were only 9 spectators remaining in the stands. "I am very happy that I successfully completed the game ahead of schedule, and now I can watch other people's games," she said.

这场比赛没有天气那么糟糕。阿扎尔只允许她的对手赢3回合。在以6-1 6-2获胜后,她终于笑了。此时,看台上仅剩9名观众。她说:“我很高兴我提前完成了比赛,现在我可以看别人的比赛了。”

Around the venue, the roads usually crowded with fans were almost empty, and a small group of spectators with tickets wandered aimlessly around.


Most female players wore tights to try to keep warm, and the constant light rain and wet ball made the players complain.


"To be honest, I remember the last time I did this when I was 10 years old. I used to play like this a lot, I don't know, it feels like playing a small game in the winter in Georgia." American rising star Corey Gove Say.

“说实话,我记得我上一次在10岁的时候做这个。我以前经常玩这种游戏,我不知道,这感觉就像是在乔治亚州的冬天玩一场小游戏。”美国后起之秀Corey Gove说。

Italian veteran Andreas Seppi also disagrees. "I think the conditions for the first hour are a disaster, because it was still raining, the wind was strong, and it was really cold. I think they should postpone the game for at least one hour."

意大利老将安德烈亚斯·塞皮(Andreas Seppi)也不同意。 “我认为第一个小时的条件是一场灾难,因为当时还在下雨,风很大,真的很冷。我认为他们应该将比赛推迟至少一个小时。”

Under the influence of the new crown epidemic, this clay-court Grand Slam event was moved from May to June to September 27th to October 11th. Only 1,000 spectators are allowed to enter the venue every day, and the organizers originally hoped to be able to Accept 20,000 spectators-about half of normal capacity.


"I don't know what I'm doing here. It's too cold. I'm not sure I will go to more games except those on the center court today." said the 22-year-old French student Jannick. He has a capacity from 5000 this week. One of the few people who kept tickets after the lottery was cut to 1,000.

“我不知道我在这里做什么。太冷了。我不确定除了今天中心球场上的比赛以外,我还会去看更多的比赛。” 22岁的法国学生Jannick说。他本周的容量为5000人。抽奖后保留票数的少数人中的一人减少到1,000。

The weather forecast shows that it will rain in Roland Garros in the next 10 days. Although the epidemic has become severe again in France, the French Open still insisted on starting the game. All the players and guests received compulsory virus testing. They were then sent to two hotels for centralized accommodation, and the players could only stay in Roland Garros. Training with the nearby Jean Boone Stadium.

天气预报显示,未来10天将在Roland Garros下雨。尽管法国的疫情再次变得严峻,但法国公开赛仍坚持要开始比赛。所有球员和客人都接受了强制性病毒测试。然后,他们被送到两家酒店集中住宿,而球员只能呆在罗兰·加洛斯。在附近的让·布恩体育场进行训练。

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