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Manchester United finally won the free agent Cavani in this transfer window, but over the years, from Ferguson to Solskjaer, very few South American players can gain a foothold in the Dream Theater.


Cavani and Manchester United signed a two-year contract with a weekly salary of 200,000 yuan. To conquer the Dream Theater, he must overcome all this. Now let’s take a closer look at the rankings in terms of performance. Those seniors who have worked here.


First place: Carlos Tevez


He is Manchester United's greatest South American player, although in this city, he is controversial. But together with Rooney and Ronaldo, he formed the frightening trident. Argentines like to rush into the penalty area, like to fight for a header, like fierce confrontation and win the ball. And good at making two-to-one cooperation with teammates. Although not the most perfect player, his achievements in Manchester United's two seasons accounted for almost half of his entire career. In 99 games at Old Trafford, he scored 34 goals and got 14 assists, was crowned two Premier League champions, and won the Champions League, League Cup and Club World Cup.


Second place: Anderson


He is usually called a loser, but this is not fair to him. When he came to Dream Theater at the age of 18, people were amazed by his passing ability, and he has great tackle skills, but his finishing ability is not flattering, and he often hits the plane. Becoming his label, 105 Premier League games with 5 goals and 8 assists cannot be said to be too bad, and many people have forgotten his twice scored in the Champions League semi-finals.


Third place: Valencia


He is a reliable guardian on the right, and you can hardly find any strong criticism from Manchester United fans. The problem is that after Cristiano Ronaldo left, he started to play right wing until he turned to right back, and he was regaining his rhythm.

他是右边一位可靠的监护人,您几乎找不到来自曼联球迷的强烈批评。问题在于克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)离开后,他开始打右翼,直到他转向右后卫,并且他恢复了自己的节奏。

Fourth place: Romero


He is a back-up player for the world's best goalkeeper, and you can hardly say whether this evaluation is praise or derogation to him. He scored 27 clean sheets in Manchester United's 61 games. Although most of the games were in the Cup, it was impressive enough.


Fifth place: Fran


After scored twice at Anfield, the fans sang loudly. He is from Uruguay and he made Liverpool people (


Sixth place: Veron


Who else can make Manchester United fans more divided? In the 1999 UEFA Champions League after Manchester United crowned the Triple Crown, he helped Lazio beat Manchester United, which made Ferguson want to introduce him at almost any cost. The Scots are eager to develop Manchester United into a more pragmatic team in Europe. They can deploy three players in the midfield and have a dynamic and unpredictable organizational core. But his adaptability has become a big problem. Since Scholes plays a similar role, there is no doubt that Veron, Bart, Keane, and Beckham will find it difficult to squeeze into the same midfielder.


Seventh place: Di Maria


Wrong time, wrong place, wrong response. If Di Maria played under Ferguson, Solskjaer, or Mourinho, he would have a good development, but the coach at the time was not these three. His wife even said Manchester was a terrible place.


Eighth place: Rojo


This is also a player signed by Van Gaal. He often seems to give people a deep impression, but also often allows fans to pick up quick results. His joining seems to show how Manchester United has become mediocre after Ferguson's departure, and now, he is the first choice on the team's cleaning list.

这也是范加尔(Van Gaal)签约的球员。他似乎常常给人留下深刻的印象,但同时也常常使支持者获得快速的成绩。他的加盟似乎表明,在弗格森离任后,曼联如何变得平庸,现在,他已成为球队清洁名单上的第一选择。

Ninth place: Falcao


This is a classic operation of Manchester United in the post-Ferguson era. He has passed his best condition. He had knee surgery and only scored 4 goals in 29 games for Colombia.


Tenth place: Sanchez


This is an expensive transaction and a failed transaction. When they snatched Sanchez from Manchester City in 2015, they thought Sanchez would become the second Van Persie. But the reality is that it is equivalent to a plum blossom screwdriver encountering a one-word screw. The paleness in the Dream Theater makes people even miss him who killed him at the Emirates Stadium and Camp Nou. At Arsenal, he scores a goal almost every other game, and here he needs 9 games. A weekly salary of £500,000 is a burden for any player in the world, except Ronaldo and Messi.


No one commented, but quiet


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