Aubameyang and Takumi Minano scored goals. Arsenal had the last laugh in the penalty shootout and won the Community Shield. Both sides played well in half of the game. Arteta's first lineup and Klopp's on-the-spot adjustment were the highlights of the game. In the face of Arsenal’s stable backcourt, Liverpool’s proud oppressive play is not efficient. Klopp’s changes let people see the potential of this team and further highlight the existing midfield configuration. Shortcomings. Whether the defending champion can make good use of the next transfer window to reinforce, or will directly affect the trend of the Premier League title game in the new season.

Aubameyang和Takumi Minano进球了。阿森纳在点球大战中笑到最后,赢得了社区盾。双方在比赛的一半中表现出色。 Arteta的第一阵容和Klopp的现场调整是比赛的亮点。面对阿森纳稳定的后场,利物浦引以为傲的压迫性打法效率低下。克洛普(Klopp)的改变使人们看到了这支球队的潜力,并进一步强调了现有的中场配置。缺点。卫冕冠军是否可以充分利用下一个转会窗口加强实力,还是会直接影响新赛季英超冠军争夺战的趋势。

Many important players were absent from both sides. Liverpool lacked Arnold, Henderson and Chamberlain. Arsenal lacked Lacazette and Pepe. Both Klopp and Arteta continued to use their best formations. The two coaches focused on the "two ends" when setting up the formation. How to seize the opportunity in the fast-paced offensive and defensive battle has become the key to victory.


The important significance of the Community Shield is to warm up and discover problems. In the new era, the error tolerance rate of the Premier League Championship and the Fourth World War is relatively low. Each team needs to speed up from the beginning of the season to gain a favorable position in the fierce competition. Arsenal entered the state quickly after the opening. The defensive mode selected by Arteta effectively contained the Red Arrows' play. After quickly passing through the midfield, the main attack deployment of the two wings was also cut to the key of Liverpool's defense.

“社区盾”的重要意义是热身并发现问题。在新时代,英超冠军联赛和第四次世界大战的错误容忍度相对较低。为了在激烈的比赛中占据有利的位置,每个团队都需要从赛季开始加速。开幕后阿森纳迅速进入状态。 Arteta选择的防守模式有效地包含了Red Arrows的表现。在迅速通过中场之后,鸭脖最新网站两支球队的主要进攻部署也被削减为利物浦防守的关键。

Arsenal's defensive performance is not aggressive, they will set the first line of defense in the midfield area, limiting Liverpool's ground advance. Only when Liverpool's backcourt pass has stalled, will it be time to grab Fabinho and Gomez. Liverpool’s oppression is more radical. Mane and Firmino will directly put pressure on Martinez and David Luiz.

阿森纳的防守表现并不积极,他们将在中场设置第一道防线,限制了利物浦的进攻。只有当利物浦的后场传球停滞不前时,才是时候抓住法比尼奥和戈麦斯的时候。利物浦的压迫更为激进。 Mane和Firmino将直接对Martinez和David Luiz施加压力。

On the left side of the defense line are two full-backs with good ball-holding ability. On the right, Saka assists Bellerin with the ball. Arsenal's five-back defense line can take advantage of the width to relieve the pressure. Liverpool's overall movement and single-point pressure are slightly less. There was slack, and a flaw was exposed on one side of the field. Saka planned a beautiful fast break, and Aubameyang took a shot from the far corner ahead of Williams and Fabinho.


In last season's game, Naples, Salzburg Red Bull and Manchester United all seized the opportunity of the conversion of the ball to surprise the Red Army at two gates and achieved good results. Robertson's offensive participation is high, Williams's position is too high, Arsenal seized the opportunity well.


Arsenal created murder on the wing, Liverpool also completed the speed from the wing tit for tat. Arnold is absent. There is not enough understanding between the teenager Williams and Salah. The left side of Robertson and Mane has become the main attack direction. Arsenal's defense for this side is also very strict. Whether it’s a 45-degree cross at the back of the attack, or a low-level pass created by a pair of two or three wall kicks, Liverpool’s left attack did not create an absolute chance, and Arsenal’s defense was greatly compressed. The space in the restricted area.


In the season that set a record of league points in team history, Liverpool demonstrated the ability to control a variety of game modes. Klopp's team pays more and more attention to defense and ball possession, but they can still set off a "heavy metal storm." Falling behind the score in the first half, Liverpool tried all-out to pressure Arsenal's backcourt after changing sides, trying to complete a wave of steals.


Arsenal's backcourt players were very calm in the face of pressure, and under the leadership of David Luiz, they patiently carried out lateral passes. In front of the Gunners’ defense, the player who is mainly responsible for receiving is Ernene. The Egyptians are not good at handling the ball, but they win the ball and respond in time, handle the ball neatly at their feet, and can always complete the response and split before the opponents close. Dismantling Liverpool's high pressure chain.

阿森纳的后场球员面对压力时非常镇定,在大卫·路易斯(David Luiz)的带领下,他们耐心地进行了横向传球。在枪手的防守面前,主要负责接球的球员是Ernene。埃及人不擅长操纵球,但他们会赢得球并及时做出反应,整齐地用脚踢球,并且总是能在对手关闭之前完成反应并分开。拆除利物浦的高压链。

Seeing that the starting lineup could not break the game, Klopp quickly made substitutions and adjustments, Nabi Keita and Minano Takumi appeared at the same time, and Liverpool's formation changed from 433 to 442/4231. Nabi Keita assisted Fabinho and Wijnaldum to consolidate the transportation line, and the more forward Minano Takumi was responsible for the offensive series.

看到首发阵容无法打破比赛,克洛普迅速进行了换人和调整,纳比·凯塔和米纳诺·塔库米同时出现,利物浦的阵型从433变为442/4231。纳比·凯塔(Nabi Keita)协助Fabinho和Wijnaldum巩固了运输路线,而更具前瞻性的Minano Takumi负责了进攻系列。

After the change, Liverpool led the frontcourt with four forwards. After stealing the ball, they concentrated on attacking the penalty area and achieved good results. Before Takumin Minano broke the goal, Liverpool had used similar routines to create several threats. Fabinho retreated to the back line and handed over the task of combing the ball to Nabi Keita. Arsenal strengthened the frontcourt after being equalized. Nabi Keita made many mistakes, and the continuity of the Red Army's offensive in the final stage was affected.

换人之后,利物浦以四名前锋率领前场。抢断球后,他们集中精力进攻禁区,取得了不错的成绩。在塔库明·米纳诺(Takumin Minano)打破目标之前,利物浦曾使用类似的例程来制造多种威胁。 Fabinho退到了后线,将接球任务交给了Nabi Keita。阿森纳在扳平比分后加强了前场。纳比·凯塔(Nabi Keita)犯了许多错误,并且影响了红军最后阶段进攻的连续性。

Liverpool can equalize the score from the adjustment of the midfield, how to tap the midfield resources within the team is still one of Klopp's work this season. It was only halfway through last season's schedule that Klopp broke the conventional pattern of "four out of three" and gradually increased his rotation. In order to find a midfield combination that can cope with various complex situations, Klopp tried a lot of staffing, and even adopted a 4231 formation in some games. It's a pity that (in the first round) against Atletico Madrid, Klopp still prioritizes the engineer-based midfielder combination, with Naby Keita and Chamberlain playing late.


Wijnaldum’s contract renewal prospects are not clear, Nabi Keita is expected to get more appearances in the new season of the Premier League. In addition to having a strong ability to dribble the ball and get rid of, Naby Keita can also attack the defensive line on the side ribs like a forward. His "coster" attribute can make up for the lack of sharpness of the striker during the trident's break. Offensive level. Even if Liverpool finally successfully introduced Thiago, Nabi Keita can still coexist with the new aid, and the two players can form front and back positions on the field and consolidate the transportation line behind the Trident.

Wijnaldum的续约前景尚不明确,Nabi Keita有望在英超的新赛季中露面。纳比·凯塔(Naby Keita)除了具有很强的运球和摆脱球的能力外,还可以像前锋一样攻击侧肋的防守线。他的“成本”属性可以弥补三叉戟休息期间锋线锋利性不足的问题。进攻水平。即使利物浦最终成功引进了蒂亚戈,纳比·凯塔仍然可以与新的援助并存,两名球员可以在战场上形成前后位置,并巩固三叉戟背后的运输线。

After four seasons of continuous construction, Klopp has built a team that can manage a variety of tactics. The current Liverpool team can not only rely on the "wave" of high position to suppress opponents, but also can have the last laugh under the situation of patience and control. The anti-counterfeiting tactics are used properly, the offensive and defensive skills of set-pieces are becoming more refined, and they have won the Champions League. The experience of the league gave the players confidence.


After nearly two or three windows of operation, Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City are already strong and powerful. Tottenham and Arsenal have also found suitable ways of playing under the leadership of the new coach. The strength of their competitors is increasing. The contest between Big6 The uncertainty is great. Liverpool is committed to internally tapping potential and intensive cultivation, but it is time to reinforce it. The rumored Thiago is an ideal candidate who can improve his midfield strength and help the defending champion get to the next level.

经过近两三个窗口的运行,曼联,切尔西和曼城已经强大起来。在新教练的带领下,热刺和阿森纳也找到了合适的比赛方式。他们竞争对手的实力正在增强。 Big6之间的竞争不确定性很大。利物浦致力于在内部挖掘潜力和精耕细作,但现在是加强这一潜力的时候了。传言的蒂亚戈(Thiago)是理想的人选,可以提高他的中场实力并帮助卫冕冠军再上一个台阶。

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